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  • HI | Works with all HDRip/WEBRip versions | NOTE 1: As I suspected, EVO have used my subtitles for this release, so I'm gonna make sure all other uploaded subtitles will get deleted for this version. | NOTE 2: Unlike what's been stated in EVO's NFO, this version is still missing the second set of post-credits scenes. So we're not there yet! -- Please don't reupload on Subscene and give credit where it's due. Thanks!
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  • Online: 11/28/2018 8:37 AM  
  • Hearing Impaired: Yes
  • Foreign parts: No
  • Framerate: 23.976
  • فایل ها: 1 (47,760 bytes)
  • Production type: Improved a subtitle
  • Release type: Web
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  • Rated: 10/10 from 46 users
  • Voted as Good by: 46 users
  • Downloads: 100,200
  • 1397-10-06 08:01:55


  • 1397-09-27 18:16:16

    thank you bro

  • 1397-09-13 17:47:26

    you are best thanks man

  • 1397-09-11 18:24:44

    @NateRiver1496 about explosiveskull... i read your comment and i wanna test this guy out.. only because you gave such a high quality comment... i love the hearing impaired subtitles.. i just love how it covers everything...

    and ill from now on watch this explosiveskull his subtitles for every movie.. i hope he does every movie... but i think that will be alot to ask.. cause that would have to be a FULL TIME JOB.. hahaha... but yeah.. ill just download his from now on for a while and see what i find....

  • 1397-09-10 17:56:54

    thanks mate.

  • 1397-09-10 11:15:13

    Why are you so angry?

  • 1397-09-10 06:17:18

    you're the best! i just made account to thank you for your hard work

  • 1397-09-09 21:01:30

    There are a lot of people with hearing impairments or problems with spoken english. You're subtitles are a great help to a lot of people.

  • 1397-09-08 18:17:31

    i always use your subtitles for years.. if your subtitles are not available i use others and always find theirs to be not of your standard!

    Cheers for your effort. Keep it up man!

  • 1397-09-07 20:07:28

    Good as always, thanks.

  • 1397-09-07 12:52:50

    There is no doubt that you are the best. Everyone is using your subtitles all they are saying:
    subtitle by explosiveskull but resync by "Others".
    Why do do you have to be generous?

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