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  • Online: 4/8/2018 1:11 PM  
  • Hearing Impaired: No
  • Foreign parts: Yes
  • Framerate: 29.970
  • فایل ها: 1 (33,570 bytes)
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  • Rated: 7/10 from 10 users
  • Voted as Good by: 7 users
  • Voted as Bad by: 3 users
  • Downloads: 12,859
  • 1397-01-30 08:25:48

    Hi dmc.
    Thank you for your constructive remarks.
    I am not English-speaking, it is sometimes difficult.

  • 1397-01-28 18:23:04

    Because there is not a single sentence correct. Why did you had to alter every single word?

  • 1397-01-28 15:37:55

    3 persons have rated my SubT as BAD.
    Maybe... But WHY, they don't tell me to improve the SubT.
    It's for the HDCAM version now. At this hour there is no other choice of quality.

  • 1397-01-28 08:04:30

    how can this sub be an improvment... all the wording is wrong

  • 1397-01-27 00:34:33

    The translation is terrible! For example, line 8 in English is "You're awake, momma." but the sub says "Are you stupid, mom?". Line 11 is "Not very well." but the sub says "Good.". The whole sub file is like this. Don't waste your time if you want a proper English translation.

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