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  • Hybrid: official + transcript (rain scene in the beginning and another minor scene). شامل زیرنویس قسمت های غیر از زبان اصلی are hardcoded. Give credits where it's due. Enjoy
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  • 1398-09-11 22:24:51

    the .srt with the spanish parts is include in the evo release, just fusion it with an online tool, took me 30 seconds

  • 1398-09-11 19:34:09

    Confirm YTS release has hardcoded Spanish subs. These work well. Thanks!

  • 1398-09-09 18:28:34

    I switched to 720p. It's not like the story in this movie is hard to get but without understanding a single line of Spanish dialogue it was a bit annoying.

  • 1398-09-09 14:28:53

    Indeed, seems like Rambo Last Blood 2019 1080p BDRip X264 AC3-EVO doesn't have forced english. Odd.

  • 1398-09-09 12:21:05

    I've checked the 1080p version and it does not have hard coded subs. Regarding the 720p version, you are correct, these are hard coded.

  • 1398-09-09 11:53:50

    Those releases I mentioned above (i.e. BD-encodes), they all come with hardcoded english subtitles for Spanish speaking parts. Make sure you are watching BD-Encode and not korean web.

  • 1398-09-09 11:41:55

    Foreign Parts are not hardcoded in the EVO release for me. Now all the Spanish dialog has no subtitles.

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