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  • 1398-11-05 15:42:41

    Thanks for doing this...and so many others. My wife and I live in South Carolina...and watch British, French, and U.S. TV and movies. We've become accustomed to using subs with British TV (and French, of course)---but now find them useful for all types of languages used in video productions. I know they are a detriment for some people, but for us, we find them helpful. Often, because of loud background music, the dialogue can be difficult to understand and I end up trying to 'read lips'. Thanks, again, and keep up the excellent work.

  • 1398-10-28 20:22:14

    Happy to see more people giving thanks to uploaders like sub.Trader. I would be lost without the subtitles they provide. Thank you!

  • 1398-10-28 05:19:07

    Much obliged ST, awesome match, again!

  • 1398-10-26 22:41:23

    thank you! fingers crossed for richard jewell and 1917

  • 1398-10-25 18:21:46

    Thank you very much.!👍👏

  • 1398-10-25 16:41:58

    Thank you so much for your generosity.

  • 1398-10-24 20:36:15

    For some reason, I'm unable to vote GOOD or anything on your subs. Figured I'd better at least leave a comment. The set is perfect in words amd in sync. Thanx

  • 1398-10-24 20:00:31

    Thanks very, very much!

  • 1398-10-24 19:26:23

    thank you!!!!!!

  • 1398-10-24 19:21:17

    Thank you. Very grateful for this.

  • 1398-10-24 18:08:26

    Great & Awsome Job Bro.
    Thank u so much from the deep of my heart
    for the greatest effort, they are very much appreciated.

  • 1398-10-24 17:30:08

    Spectacular work per usual, sub.Trader
    Thank you very much for the effort you put into these transcripts, they are very much appreciated

  • 1398-10-24 17:09:44

    Thanks!! Just what i've been waiting for all day :) Can't wait to watch tonight.

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